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BIG (Positive) Changes - Video Walkthroughs and FAQs for Payments, Bookings, and the Pilot Program

The below Booking and Website Overview Video includes:

  • How to book a session using the online tool

  • How to create a login so information is saved

  • How to manage saved payments, addresses, and subscriptions

  • Where to find upcoming sessions and past session history

The below Payments Overview Video includes:

  • What the invoices look like and how they arrive

  • How to pay an invoices

  • How to get a receipt

  • Accepted Payment Methods

  • International currency exchange rates

  • Invitation for feedback

The below Pilot Program Subscription Model Video includes:

  • Where to find the subscription options on the website (create a login first)

  • Prices for the 3 subscription options as part of the pilot program

  • What happens if you want additional sessions during the month on top of what your subscription covers?

  • How session cancellations work if you have a subscription

  • What happens if you cancel your subscription (hint: full refund of any unused session payments that calendar month)

  • Is there a directee who this subscription model is designed to benefit?

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